Lead Generation

We specialize in generating new sales leads in your target market and converting those leads into scheduled sales meetings for you. We work with you to implement a disciplined and systematic lead generation process to cold-call thousands of your prospects.

We will work with you to implement a process by which a dedicated, full-time resource will cold-call thousands of your prospects to get sales meetings for you. We will craft the email templates, cold call scripts, calendar formats, FAQ documents, and other tools to support that resulting in a high volume outreach program to create new sales appointments.

Strategic Prospect Research 

To get new clients, it is absolutely necessary to have the right point of contact in the right company within the right industry of your target market. We help you find the Decision Makers at companies who you identify as potential customers for your business.  Our market research team has access to multiple databases and specializes in building prospect lists based on your market segmentation parameters. We research to identify the name, title, address, phone number and email address of the people you want to talk to at the companies you want to sell to so that you have a great list of prospects to contact. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the best way to grow website traffic, promote services and products to a larger audience. Our team specializes in creating high quality, customized content for you to not only increase brand awareness but also generate new warm leads for you to follow-up with. Keep your Market up to date with our DRIP Email Marketing Campaign and buckle up for more business!

Sales Consultancy

We have over 20 years of successful sales experience in B2B sales selling to Fortune 500 companies, mid-market companies, and small businesses.  Our team has a proven track record of building qualified prospect lists, getting sales meetings, managing a sales process, converting deal and transitioning effectively to account management. We will work closely with you to improve internal sales processes and approach in the following areas 

  • Sales process design

  • Sales process implementation

  • Sales operations

  • Sales compensation

  • Sales goals and target setting

  • Sales training & competency development

CRM Consultancy

With a heavy experience with different CRMs, we assist you in setting up, managing and organizing your CRM. Let us help you make your CRM user-friendly. We have a very holistic approach to making sure that your CRM increases productivity and is efficient for your workflow.

Search Engine Optimization 

Our team specializes in Optimizing Search Engines to attract users to your website. We have adopted various different methodologies to find and implement keywords that will generate traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing 

An estimated 3.5 Billion people use Social Media on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing is a great way to create brand awareness while marketing your offerings. Generate more sales and expand your horizons with Social Media Marketing. Our Social Media Marketers are both skilled and experienced when it comes to marketing the right content at the right place at the right time to the right people. Our practices include:

  • Strategy & Audience Research 

  • Profile Setup  & Integration 

  • Social Content Creation 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Ad Campaign creation/Management /Optimization  

Web Designing

For a lot of your customers, your website will be the imagesetter for your firm. Our team specializes in creating unique and interactive websites that will both inform your user of your offerings while developing curiosity all in a user-friendly package.

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